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Agnès Elisabelar WEB-4.jpg

Agnès Elisabelar

Specialist in marketing strategy and export development

Crédit photo : Grain d'elle

For more than 20 years as a Marketing Manager and Consultant, I have accompanied many French SMEs and some great names of the fashion-textile industry and food industry, in the implementation of their products & marketing strategies, as well as their international development, in Europe, USA, China, Russia, Brazil, Asia, India…


Through many years of global travel, I have developed a deep understanding of foreign cultures and innovative marketing methods and can therefore offer you an open-minded approach in exploring B2B & Retail markets.


I was the Nominated French External Trade Advisor for 9 years and made a Knight of the French National Order of Merit in 2010. It is my wish to share this experience through a practical and original vision, combining attentive listening, strict observation and « out-of-the-box » analysis.

Teacher and Trainer at IAE Lyon School of Management and ISG-Luxury Management School in Geneva, the transmission of knowledge and skills is part of my core values, through digital Tools and innovative pedagogical methods.

So let us journey together to find the best genuine marketing solutions to make your products successful in France and across Europe! 

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