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You are ...

a recognized professional in

Fashion, Luxury, Well-Being/ Health

as well as Wine or Gourmet Products

Your challenges :

Your image in the domestic market is well established, but in a highly competitive world, it is not sufficient to achieve on international markets, especially in France or Europe.


Beyond your sales efforts, you know that a superficial analysis of market can lead to mis-estimate your local consumers’ expectations, to under-estimate the impact of cultural practices on buying behaviors, then to miss some business opportunities.


Your requirements
  • You know that a superficial analysis of market needs and trends can lead to a mis-estimate of your local consumers’ expectations, or an under-estimate of the impact of cultural practices on buying behaviors and thus missed business opportunities...


  • You know that you have to have successful new product launches, be able to select the best export outlets, the best positioning of your product ranges, to match your own aspirations with the wishes of your customers.

I offer a unique 360 degrees vision


  • to help you make the best marketing decisions, 

  • to adapt and better your product ranges for international markets, 

  • to stand out from your competitors,

  • to build a strong business relationship with French and other European partners and buyers.

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